2020 Wedding Trends

CCE Ladies are excited to embrace 2020—there’s something seemingly special about the date, right?! That said, we can’t help but feel a slight ting of nostalgia saying goodbye to 2019 and everything we witnessed in weddings this past year. 

CCE Ladies see a few fun and exciting trends for 2020!

  1. Interactive cocktail hours! We want to see more of them in 2020, and with a continued elevation—think about an olive oil or balsamic tasting station.
  2. Immersive entertainment experiences! These stations are exciting for guests and serves a purpose for more than just ambiance for the celebration. Guests enjoy groups like aerialists, harpists, and electric violinist; performance artists will be at the epicenter of the affair.
  3. Escort Card Displays – one-of-a-kind escort card displays will never go out of style. We love thinking outside the box for escort card displays that feel like an interactive art installation, and are functional at the same time. These displays can also act as décor and are always so memorable!

Trends to leave behind:

  1. Family-style dinner service, while fun in theory, it disrupts the tablescape design. It can sometimes make it awkward for guests to keep reaching, passing, and exchanging plates over one another.
  2. The sweets buffet. It’s been a trend for a long time. Instead, we recommend serving smaller treats such as petit fours or elegant chocolates tableside. This allows for a more formal meal, and easy transition from the main dish. 
  3. Party favors. They are typically left on the tables at the end of the night, despite best-laid plans. Instead, put your budget into welcome bags for all guests—or splurge on arrival tokens like cinched-up shawls in velvet ribbon or blankets for a cozy coastal ceremony.

Biggest advice from our team:

  1. Choose 5 very important elements for your wedding and concentrate on them throughout the event. Allow your planner to handle all other details. This will help you feel less stress and enjoy the journey of planning your wedding.
  2. Close your eyes and visualize the way you want your guests to feel when they enter and leave your wedding. 
  3. Pick a time at the reception to walk away, and just stand back to take it all in. You’ll take a sigh of relief and just enjoy the ambiance as a newly married couple!

With Style,

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