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Not Your Typical Confetti- Italian Wedding Favors

Americans associate the word with fun bits of paper used to decorate and or celebrate an occasion by adding flare to an atmosphere. In Italian culture, confetti has a whole different meaning. Also used to celebrate an occasion, they are sweet and symbolic favors used as traditional wedding parting gifts. In Italy, classic confetti are simple, sugar covered almonds, symbolizing the bitter and sweet to come. Today there are many varieties of confetti, available in different shapes and tastes. From classic dark chocolate and white chocolate, to richer flavors such as creams or fresh like fruit. The confetti are placed inside the bomboniera, a candy box or pouch, given by the spouses as a token to their guests. Confetti are always an odd number, usually 5, to symbolize the 5 essential qualities of marital life: health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and longevity. They’re made with care and intention, appealing to all different tastes. What a fun way to say-thank you! With style,

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Macaron vs. Macaroon- A Sweet Lesson on the Party Favorite Cookie

No, it’s not a misspelling, they are two different cookies! You might not realize that the decadent pastries that compliment showers, weddings and many tourist- favored bakeries come with different recipes.  The French macaron is a meringue-based cookie made with almond flour, egg whites, and granulated powdered sugar, then filled with buttercream, ganache, or fruit curd. The delicate treat has a crunchy exterior and a weightless interior with a soft ending that’s almost nougat like; very chewy! They range in color and taste, with the most popular flavors being pistachio, green tea, vanilla, caramel, dark chocolate, espresso and raspberry.  The Italian version, the moist and dense coconut-based macaroon, is composed of egg whites, sugar, and dried coconut. These confections are often piped with a star-shaped tip, and sometimes dipped in chocolate or lemon flavored. Also, these treats can be frozen and enjoyed for up to three months due to their consistency. More time to savor and enjoy these crumbly sweets! Next time you’re at the sweet table and see a version of one of these, share this story with a fellow guest. It’s a great ice breaker or conversation piece with friends! With style,

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Bridal Shower Ideas and Inspirations

Christina Currie Events (CCE) was recently consulted by a leading marketing online platform, PartySlate to discuss current bridal shower trends. It was a pleasure sharing ideas among other top event planners and designers in the industry. I talk about the importance of personalization in details, photo ops and creative entertainment as leading styles our clients are enjoying at these celebrations. CCE likes to honor the bride- to- be with elaborate backdrops and incorporate all their loves in life; colors, flowers, cocktails, etc. into the event’s theme. By understanding our clients’ likes, it helps us make their dream a reality. In the article, PartySlate highlighted our award nominated Dallas bridal shower, which focused on the element of surprise in entertainment. We wowed guests with a design your-own jewelry bar, showcasing colored pieces from the designer, Kendra Scott. CCE transformed Le Meridien Dallas into a jewelry boutique, offering a one-of-a kind experience and memorable keepsake for guests to cherish at home. The color palette for the affair was customized to match the luxury jewelry bar, a pristine white with touches of gold and blush and accents of metallic. This was truly a special affair for the bride-to-be and her closest friends and family. To view the article and photos, click Here. With style,

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Destination Swags

Finding the best way to say ‘thank you’ requires careful consideration, especially when someone goes above and beyond to accommodate your requests for a special event. CCE finds that couples who are planning destination celebrations, and requesting friends and family’s presence abroad, are looking for unique ways to show their appreciation. Travel can be stressful, expensive and confusing; therefore, destination swag require contents that are more meaningful and resourceful than most welcome gifts. Present guests with the ultimate welcome bag upon their arrival to a foreign land filled with special must-haves!  First, make the actual bag resourceful. For example, for our upcoming Tuscan wedding, we will be providing guests with a canvas bag filled with goodies when they walk into their room. This reusable bag will be convenient as they explore uncharted territories on their free time. An itinerary of the weekend’s events is a must, so they know where to be and when. This is reassurance for those who may have left their invitation at home, or new details that are relevant to the organized celebrations. A simple, yet convenient map of local landmarks is a great way for guests not to feel lost in a large city.  Practical items are essential as well. Sunscreen, bug spray, stomach meds, mints, and painkillers are a few of our favorites. Show your guests that your thinking of their well being and want to make sure they are having an exceptional experience as well. And, of course, fun treats! Place some sugary and savory snacks inside the goody bag to satisfy every sweet and salty tooth. Find local flavors or homemade goodies to make them even more enjoyable.  Last, but not least, include a personalized note. This gesture will seal the bag with extra love. A collection of all things combined will

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Changes, Trends and Celebrations!

Keeping all things fresh, new and trendy is always important when speaking to your audience. CCE knows the key to a happy and return client is to provide premier service and  change with the times. And, for 15 years, that’s exactly what we’ve done! Knowing the latest products, services and clients’ needs continues to challenge and help CCE succeed.  The past decade and a half has brought many highs and lows for me. A roller coaster of emotions and anxiety of perfecting every detail led to many long hours, but I built confidence and gained with pride with each and every event. And, 2019 is no different. Charting unfamiliar territory in new destinations allows CCE to be enlightened as we experience these adventures right alongside our clients. Being fulfilled with the hard work and long hours, we can happily say we do it all with love and devotion. Developing our passion and whistling while we work, we happened to be titled one of Chicago’s top 30 event planners this year. Cue the champagne!  Assisting clients with milestone affairs has been a journey for me and my team. Each event has brought me an immense amount of joy while being a learning experience at the same time-holding a special place in my heart. CCE has confronted challenges head-on and continues to provide the best service from beginning to end with each contract. Building my business also included growing with a team of experts. Here’s to us ladies! Like any business owner, I reevaluated my personal and business goals. On a personal level, I’ve knocked down my daily hours and taken a little more time for myself. On the business side, CCE needed a trendy facelift. Happy Anniversary to us! A private and professional photoshoot took place to kick-off this year’s celebration.

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The Key to Happiness is Love-An Enchanting Bridal Shower

It was an enchanting luncheon for the beautiful bride-to-be. Lauren was showered with love, gifts, a customized menu and decadent desserts. Spring flowers and butterfly compliments were arranged delicately at each dining table. Glowing candles added to the ambiance of the lush flowers. Guests’ seats were designated with ribbon-tied antique key escort cards; matching the themed phrase ‘the key to happiness is love,’ also stamped on cocktail napkins. The mystical decor was set at Barrington’s finest, Region Restaurant, where the entire atmosphere was designated for the special event. A unique menu with exceptional fare including a special touch from our very own Christina Currie, a heart-shaped parmesan crisp on the caesar salad. Collaborating with the versatile chef on culinary creations is one of the many reasons CCE enjoys working with local partner vendors. Each and every gracious staff member made Lauren’s experience magical. The ‘Lovely Lauren’ was the signature drink, pairing well with the hors d’oeuvres. Colorful French macaroons, boutique cakes and personalized cookies were the icing on the cake while everyone gathered to watch Lauren open her gifts! This bridal shower was a very personal, premier affair that CCE had the pleasure of putting together for our longtime friend/client. With style,

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Tipping-What’s Proper Etiquette and How Much?

There are many pieces to a puzzle, and the same goes for your big event. In order to throw the ultimate soirée, many vendors are usually necessary to ensure every element is executed properly. From the décor to caterers and entertainment, the list can be short or long, but every list has a well deserving team for extra tips! Now the question might be, ‘Who to tip?’ Some services add on gratuity to their contracts, but others not. Depending on the company, think about extra staff that helps with day of set up, or the band who worked extra hours to keep your guests pleased. It’s wise to bring cash for bartenders or servers; and checks for managers, business owners, or ceremonial officiants. Bring envelopes to be discreet and personal; especially for venue professionals. Not sure how much to give? Consider the costs of each product or service and break down the standard 15-20% for what seems appropriate. It may not be a lot, but show your appreciation for all staff assisting. Remember, a little gesture goes along way. With style,

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CCE’s New Adventure is Travel

CCE’s new adventure in 2019 is travel! Excitement and wonder have been driving forces in planning for the months ahead. Taking our clients’ events to new heights is rewarding and exciting for us all. Couples are embracing the idea of traveling to luxury destinations to celebrate their big day, and we love exploring romantic places right along with them. CCE’s team is overjoyed to orchestrate nuptials in the tuscan valley of Florence, Italy this September. We are establishing relationships abroad and discovering local vendors who have expertise overseas. Learning cultural differences and organizing entertainment for guests before and after the big event has been a new and crucial step in this process. Our goal is provide a stress-free and enjoyable process as our bride and groom prepare to walk down the aisle, especially when coordinating events in a foreign land. Come explore new places with CCE this year, and let us help you escape to celebrate! With Style,

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A Tuscan Treasure-Exchanging Vows in Florence, Italy

Trying to find the perfect location is one of the first steps in planning a wedding. CCE was recently offered the task of finding our new clients a desirable destination for their upcoming nuptials, and we took many steps to book the ideal spot. They wanted to pin down a place that was both luxurious and romantic; two essential qualities to make sharing their love for eachother among family and friends special. After a few suggestions and conversations, we thought, where better to find romantic and regal accommodations than Florence, Italy? The views of the Tuscan valley and the old world charm that it offers in unparallel to the other locations they considered. Just one trip is all it took for them to fall in love with this sensational city. Next, was narrowing down the specific venue to celebrate their nuptials. Selecting from 15 villas; some modern Italian, others with rustic roots, they had many options to help discover what they were looking for. The one that stole their hearts is a romantic Neo-Renaissance Villa that has been refined into a 5-star luxury resort. The exquisite structure holds an exclusive panoramic position near Piazzale Michelangelo,not far from Ponte Vecchio; a breathtaking view of the city center. It is surrounded by an Italian garden and a large ancient park that slopes down close to the Arno shores. Villa La Vedetta is an authentic “Urban Resort” with a unique position in Florence. And, they chose a date in September, prime harvest season for grapes. The best spot in the world for wine country, one that greatly rivals ones in the states. A perfect mix of views, vino and culture, CCE is excited to work with local vendors to bring this dream wedding come true. Trusting in Italian experts, we know that each

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A Royal Fruitcake

Fruit cake as wedding cake? A royal tradition! Our monarchical rulers have celebrated milestone events with a time honored tradition of including fruit cake as the main dessert. Cutting the cake had a whole new meaning once upon a time and recently played a large role in the Duke and Duchess’ wedding in England. Originally made with brandy, the alcohol preserves the fruit well, making it the best option for cake prior to long standing cooling methods, (like our modern day refrigerators). To respect their relatives’ cultural practices, William and Kate debuted this flavored cake on their big day, with months of preparation to get just the right tang and texture. CCE respects the cultures of our clients and their destinations’ practices, therefore, we’ll work closely with a local caterer in presenting a fruit cake at our couples’ upcoming Tuscany wedding. Keeping with European tradition and baking expertise, we anticipate a epic display for wedding guests! With style,

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Proposal at the Gem Hall at Field Museum

We often get asked how to stage the perfect proposal.  And, our advice is simple…hire professionals! CCE ladies enjoy the beginning process for a journey of marriage planning. Adding to our collection of events, we recently orchestrated the most romantic proposal! Best part, the young man we assisted, has been a long time client of CCE! We staged all the romantic details from the oversized floral bouquet, champagne, entertainment, and personalized signaged for the couple and their family members. The gemstone exhibit at the Field Museum was premier placement for the perfect proposal. We added the personalized notecard, (which included “Will You Marry Me?) and placed it inside a gemstone case at the museum’s iconic Gem Hall with the gorgeous engagement ring. Sitting among ancient gems worth millions, sat the diamond ring purchased through CCE’s long time partner and jeweler, in Barrington. CCE worked closely with the security team at the Field Museum to ensure the safety of the display until the couple arrival. When the young bride-to-be noticed the special sign and engagement ring, our client got down on one knee to officially ask for her hand. After she said yes, our newly engaged couple was serenaded by a past CCE client/wedding couple with a few love songs and bubbles! The one-of-a kind event was impressive and memorable. CCE believes that planning a proper proposal sets the tone for a couple’s future celebrations. Excited to take on a potential bridal shower and future nuptials, we can’t wait to continue on this journey with the charming pair!    

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POSH Services, LLC.

Does your morning routine involve the phrase, ‘I have nothing to wear?’ Maybe it’s not what you don’t have, but it’s how it’s presented to you. An organized closet and or home provides an organized and stress-free life. An admirable partner of ours, Posh Services, LLC., is a premier business offering individualized consultation in organization, design, and personal services. Founder, Sue Foley’s expertise in planning and executing the perfect layout for your home or office helps put your mind at ease with projects and errands. She’s a personal concierge who understands client’s needs and exceeds their expectations. Whether you’re preparing for a big event or need a hand with an everyday hassle, Sue will ensure that every detail is taken care of. From moving items and furniture placement, to decoration design and details, Posh Services does it all. So the next time you open your cabinet or closet and feel overwhelmed, call Sue to alleviate your concerns! With style,

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