A Toast to Tasting!


Food and libations are a big part of your big day, so make sure you prepare properly when planning the menu. Have a tasting event with your caterer or venue in advance to ensure that day of delivery is flawless and flavorful! In addition to you and your loved one, find a few close family members or friends to offer their advice. Not only does this provide more than one palette, but it is a fun outing for everyone involved!

Before you begin, it might be helpful to the chef if you offer some direction on the type of meals or packages you’re interested in. Have an open mind when it comes to menus, because chefs are trained in flavor and food pairings. And, while creativity can be intimidating, it should be welcomed. Come hungry! Everyone knows food tastes best on an empty stomach. Leaving room for many courses can leave your body and mind satisfied. Also, consider the whole day when mapping out the menu, so that the same type of fare isn’t offered at cocktail hour and dinner. Always include options. Options should be an assortment of fare and include dietary restrictions. Do you have guests that have allergies, dietary preferences, or children? Providing everyone with their desirable meal is thoughtful and necessary for friends and family to have a great time. Don’t forget about drinks! Beverage choices can be just as important as the food when it comes to variety in order to be crowd pleasing. 

Take notes and take pictures! Since there are always different courses and options, it can be difficult to remember all of the plates being passed around. Taste and presentation need to be in line with the tone of your affair. By being specific, you can ensure that the chef will have the exact requests for your order. Be mindful and make it memorable. Tasting events are a great way to get excited about what to come, and guarantee you won’t be presented with any surprises. These outings are another piece to the puzzle of a seamless celebration!

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