Adare Manor-An Irish Landmark

The quaint Irish village of Adare is home to lively pubs, antique shops and charming thatched roof cottages. CCE recently had the pleasure of touring these local watering holes and browsing through the stores during their visit to the Ireland. The ladies home for their conference was none other than the infamous Adare Manor.  Built in the mid-19th century, the Manor provided labor for distraught villagers affected by the devastating  potato famine that took over the Irish town. The timeless castle was constructed with the highest of standards; representing a calendar with 365 leaded windows, 52 ornate chimneys, 7 stone pillars and 4 towers to mark the annual tally of days, weeks, and seasons in a year. The exquisite interior and handcrafted rooms held the intellectual seminars,  panels and motivational lectures given by international experts of the luxury event world. CCE’s experiences were nothing short of extraordinary. Being enveloped in the rich history of the Adare Manor and its surrounding 840 acres; CCE enjoyed festivities in the fairy gardens (very integral creatures in Irish mythology), escorted to meals by traditional hunting hounds (honoring a favorite pastime of royals), and danced through the renowned space, The Gallery, for the final gala send- off. Introduced to modern techniques, understanding current technologies and marketing tactics, CCE was honored to be among the best of the best in the industry while learning the rich culture of one of the leading hotels in the world!

With Style,

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