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How fun! What a glamorous job! Is the New Year a slow time for you? Christina Currie and her team agree that the opportunity of planning milestone affairs for others is both glamourous and glorious, but many don’t know what it takes to orchestrate stylish and flawless events. The process requires us to adhere to extensive timelines, and be steadfast with our work. The pride we receive in delivering a successful end product is the result of many victories, defeats, and trials and tribulations along the way. And, there is no ‘off season’ when it comes to curating celebrations year round. We are here to give you the 4-1-1 on our event planning world, and an insider’s view on any misconceptions.

When a client approaches us with a special occasion, CCE develops their timeline from the first meeting. Understanding their needs is a priority in executing a flawless celebration. Matching our couples with the right vendors will speak to their big day, and deliver exactly what it is they’re looking for. Coaching clients on day of details and offering guidance with personal decisions; (attire, bridal party disputes,etc.), gives event planners a whole new title. Juggling multiple projects at once is a strength of ours. CCE’s doors are never closed and our growth is a result of such diligence. A balancing act of answering countless emails, phone calls, and site visits gives our clients all the support they need. Changes, additions and questions continue to arise as each element comes into play. We must have patience and persistence when needing answers from vendor partners and clients alike. Being a middle man can be a challenge, but knowing the proper communication is key. Problem solving and alternative plans are essential when unexpected challenges arise from venues, clients, or mother nature. CCE’s goal is to respond to any request within a 24 hour period, a very respectful requirement that keeps clients happy. Our long term relationships with our clients, who many we now call friends, are a result of the processes we’ve put in place and our consistency with product and service delivery. 

It is a pleasure to be able to fulfill the dreams of many, and watch their faces beam as they enter the room of their affair for the first time. CCE knows that every piece of the puzzle requires careful attention and personalization to make every party special for each individual client. Meticulous research and knowledge of the latest and greatest trends continue to inspire and surprise us as well as our guests of honor. The rewarding end results encourage us to grow with the demands of our ever-changing industry. Thank you for being with us on this extraordinary journey!

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