Perfect Proposals

Romantic, creative, purely magical; key elements in presenting an engagement ring to your significant other. Elaborate wedding proposals are memorable and special for the couple- to- be. Planning a show stopping event that is just as much a surprise as it is unique to the individual is tricky. And, CCE is here to help! We encourage the proposer to consider hobbies or special interests that relate to both or one of the pair to have the event set up accordingly. Choose a location that is meaningful, but also a natural spot to visit so no clue is revealed. Find the right occasion so he or she is dressed well, in case there’s a staged photographer, and they’re camera ready.

We love to put together clever signage to make the intention clear, followed with an evening affair to celebrate the joyous occasion. If your partner is close with family and friends, include them in the festivities. They can assist with the set-up, be involved with the reveal, or merely meet up later to create the ultimate surprise. Whether it’s a ten person production, or simply involves the two of you, finding the right way to ask, ‘Will You Marry Me?’ involves thoughtful planning and careful consideration. With the ring being the centerpiece of the event, CCE will help capture the moment of one of the most important surprises of a lifetime.

With style,

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