CCE Summer Intern Program

My name is Caroline Connelly and I am one of Christina Currie’s summer interns! I don’t mean to brag, but I definitely have the best summer internship out of all my friends. Here at Christina Currie Events, I have the amazing opportunity to learn, grow and challenge myself as a future event planner. I’ve learned so far that the service we’re providing for that day, we all work together to ensure a timely, successful and beautiful event. That’s one of the reasons why this internship means so much to me- while I’m specifically learning to be an event planner, my intern responsibilities encourage me to learn about other areas of the events industry and make great connections through our various conversations.

As a CCE intern, I’ve learned that trusting each other is crucial for an amazing event. Whether it was a conference call, in-person meeting, or event itself, I never witnessed any panic or hesitancy from either party. Yes, there are tough decisions to make in the planning process and the event day itself, but trusting one another in their professions helps us all remain calm and excited for the upcoming celebration. Every client of Christina’s that I’ve met and worked with has been absolutely wonderful. They are excited to meet Christina’s newest interns and tell us that we are learning from the best of the best event planners. They give the highest compliments to Christina and tell us about the beautiful occasion she planned for the client’s family. Those relationships are earned through hard work, trust, and dedication to the job. With CCE, our creative partners, and our clients trusting each other, we truly can “celebrate with style.”



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