Changes, Trends and Celebrations!

Keeping all things fresh, new and trendy is always important when speaking to your audience. CCE knows the key to a happy and return client is to provide premier service and  change with the times. And, for 15 years, that’s exactly what we’ve done! Knowing the latest products, services and clients’ needs continues to challenge and help CCE succeed. 

The past decade and a half has brought many highs and lows for me. A roller coaster of emotions and anxiety of perfecting every detail led to many long hours, but I built confidence and gained with pride with each and every event. And, 2019 is no different. Charting unfamiliar territory in new destinations allows CCE to be enlightened as we experience these adventures right alongside our clients. Being fulfilled with the hard work and long hours, we can happily say we do it all with love and devotion. Developing our passion and whistling while we work, we happened to be titled one of Chicago’s top 30 event planners this year. Cue the champagne! 

Assisting clients with milestone affairs has been a journey for me and my team. Each event has brought me an immense amount of joy while being a learning experience at the same time-holding a special place in my heart. CCE has confronted challenges head-on and continues to provide the best service from beginning to end with each contract. Building my business also included growing with a team of experts. Here’s to us ladies!

Like any business owner, I reevaluated my personal and business goals. On a personal level, I’ve knocked down my daily hours and taken a little more time for myself. On the business side, CCE needed a trendy facelift. Happy Anniversary to us! A private and professional photoshoot took place to kick-off this year’s celebration. Our witty and wonderfully talented photographer, Kent Drake captured the essence of each of our personalities. These photos highlight our gifted team and the unique skills that each individual brings to the table.  Also, we’ve transformed our office, website, profile pictures, and we are going out of this year with a pop of bubbles! Shh, it’s a surprise! 

What I have learned over the last 15 years? Continue to be honest and giving up is NEVER an option. A warm thank you to all of those who have been dedicated clients and creative partners. CCE would not be here without you!

With style,

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