Oh The Places You’ll Go!

Over the past year we have seen spectacular intimate weddings take center stage in Chicagoland and all over the US.  Although the guest counts are lower than we are used to, we are curating remarkable awe-inspiring designs and micro-wedding experiences! 

You may not realize however, in recent years intimate weddings and celebrations were slowly on the rise. Clients were already opting to create getaway experiential weddings and events to help celebrate their milestone affairs.

With the recent challenge of travel being temporarily suspended, there is no need to put your celebrations on hold. Our advice is to allow yourself to think outside the box. Our country is filled with hidden gem beaches, Tuscan-style villas, and southern charm mansions.

CCE will provide the same immersive experience for your guests just as you would abroad. 

We look forward to taking you on a beautiful journey with your next celebration!

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