Destination Swags

Finding the best way to say ‘thank you’ requires careful consideration, especially when someone goes above and beyond to accommodate your requests for a special event. CCE finds that couples who are planning destination celebrations, and requesting friends and family’s presence abroad, are looking for unique ways to show their appreciation. Travel can be stressful, expensive and confusing; therefore, destination swag require contents that are more meaningful and resourceful than most welcome gifts. Present guests with the ultimate welcome bag upon their arrival to a foreign land filled with special must-haves! 

First, make the actual bag resourceful. For example, for our upcoming Tuscan wedding, we will be providing guests with a canvas bag filled with goodies when they walk into their room. This reusable bag will be convenient as they explore uncharted territories on their free time. An itinerary of the weekend’s events is a must, so they know where to be and when. This is reassurance for those who may have left their invitation at home, or new details that are relevant to the organized celebrations. A simple, yet convenient map of local landmarks is a great way for guests not to feel lost in a large city. 

Practical items are essential as well. Sunscreen, bug spray, stomach meds, mints, and painkillers are a few of our favorites. Show your guests that your thinking of their well being and want to make sure they are having an exceptional experience as well. And, of course, fun treats! Place some sugary and savory snacks inside the goody bag to satisfy every sweet and salty tooth. Find local flavors or homemade goodies to make them even more enjoyable. 

Last, but not least, include a personalized note. This gesture will seal the bag with extra love. A collection of all things combined will provide your loved ones with the best imaginable surprise and truly demonstrate your appreciation for their travels to your special day/s!

With style,

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