Focus on the Experience

I believe 2022 will have profound differences with luxury weddings and events. I am noticing smaller guest counts and adding more experiences than just a single event day. This past year, CCE just didn’t plan the day of the wedding, we also designed and curated the welcome party and farewell brunch. 

Consider spreading your celebration over a few days when you’re planning in your own hometown! While everyone is in town, take the opportunity to schedule pre and post celebration events! These three-day weekend experiences allow your guests to not only celebrate you but to create additional memories with family and friends.

I also see a trend for getaway weddings and parties. They are growing in popularity again, however with a smaller guest count. This offers more flexibility with location. I am noticing that people are feeling cooped up and are ready to get out of town and have a change of scenery. Having a destination wedding or party offers the hosts and their guests not only the time to celebrate the event itself but include a vacation all wrapped into one. Also, don’t let the term “destination” mislead you. Many people are escaping to nearby towns or fabulous Southern cities for their big day instead of jetting overseas.

CCE is ready to help start planning your special celebration and focus on the experience!

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