Hope – The New Normal

Hope – “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen”. Today, we can all relate to this term of Hope. We’re all hanging onto HOPE.

These challenging times with COVID19 have allowed us to feel vulnerable and confused. It did not matter what or where you were in life with work, family and friends. You were left with a sense of emptiness especially with the lock down. 

CCE’s clients were left with uncertainty about their events moving forward. Addressing each client’s needs was and is always our #1 priority. We provided information about the event industry dealing with the pandemic as it became available to us. We played a game of chess together while moving their events to where we felt it was safe for them AND their guests. 

Since March 16, we’ve put newer guidelines together;  health & safety clauses to our contracts. We spent hours talking with each client about their event options while walking them through each of their fears. We will continue to be there for our clients. It’s always been about the relationship. It’s always been about making sure everyone is happy.

We’re learning together how to navigate through this pandemic. As we move forward, we’re all hanging onto HOPE, because that is something we all have in common and it makes the most sense. 

CCE Ladies are working together to make sure your event moves forward and more beautiful than you ever imagined!

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