Not Your Typical Confetti- Italian Wedding Favors

Americans associate the word with fun bits of paper used to decorate and or celebrate an occasion by adding flare to an atmosphere. In Italian culture, confetti has a whole different meaning. Also used to celebrate an occasion, they are sweet and symbolic favors used as traditional wedding parting gifts.

In Italy, classic confetti are simple, sugar covered almonds, symbolizing the bitter and sweet to come. Today there are many varieties of confetti, available in different shapes and tastes. From classic dark chocolate and white chocolate, to richer flavors such as creams or fresh like fruit. The confetti are placed inside the bomboniera, a candy box or pouch, given by the spouses as a token to their guests. Confetti are always an odd number, usually 5, to symbolize the 5 essential qualities of marital life: health, prosperity, happiness, fertility and longevity. They’re made with care and intention, appealing to all different tastes. What a fun way to say-thank you!

With style,

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