Welcome Parties…With Style!

A welcome party is a great idea to help your wedding reception feel all the more intimate, as everyone has already had the chance to get to know one another. It’s a particularly good idea to consider having one if you’re planning a destination wedding and have a lot of out-of-town guests, or if you happen to have a few different groups of friends and families coming together for the first time. Here are some ideas to make your welcome party a fun event for everyone:

Make it an experience!

Show your out-of-towners a selection of activities from the area that shows off its local culture. This could be a wine tour or a favorite nearby restaurant that will provide everyone with a meaningful, yet casual welcome.

Foodie Time!

Serve your favorite local food and drinks. Show them what inspired you to have your wedding in that location. You can do this with serving small bites of each food item. Such as mini lobster rolls, pizzas, ceviche, hot dogs, etc.

Tour the Town!

Take your guests on a trolley or boat around the wedding location. Provide the guests a guide of the local bars, restaurants, shopping, etc.

Swag Bags!

Who doesn’t love a gift bag filled with all the necessities for a wedding weekend? The ideas are endless from custom canvas bags to boxes filled with everything from sweet treats to helping the slight hangover you may experience after the wedding!

Whether your welcome party be big or small, just adding the personal touch makes all the difference!

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