Styling Bar Carts!

When it comes to summer entertaining, I love to jazz up my bar cart with a mix of festive decorative items and of course, delicious cocktails! 

Remember, first you eat & drink with your eyes! For my family and friends, I like for them to admire my bar cart as they lounge on the patio for happy hour.

I am in love with my Z Gallerie bar cart. You can also find these beautiful carts at Target, William Sonoma, World Market and Wayfair.

I always start with styling my cart by adding decor, and finish with adding the cocktails. The decor for me is just as important as the actual drinks! I am always a bit obsessed with all the fun decor details! I also like my decor to transition from daylight to evening. It’s simple with candles and/or twinkling lights. I found all of my candles and outdoor twinkling lights at Target. My finishing touches are always the glassware and garnishes for the cocktail!

Since being in isolation, I’ve started to be adventurous with my cocktail recipes. Unlike my husband, I am not a skilled mixologist. I typically take the simple route and work with pre-mixed cocktails that I’ve found at World Market and William Sonoma.. 

However, my newest favorite cocktail to make at home is a Lemon Drop Martini. I use the fresh lemons from my Meyer lemon tree, Tito’s Vodka (because it’s gluten-free), triple sec, and simple syrup. It’s festive and refreshing, especially with a garnish of a lemon wheel!

If you don’t have a bar cart, no worries; any small cocktail table will work just as well! Happy Quarantine Hosting!

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