Summer Intern’s Perspective

Hi everyone, my name is Brigit McDonnell, a 2021 summer intern for Christina Currie Events. When I told my friends and family that I wanted to pursue a career in the event planning industry, everyone responded with “that makes perfect sense”. I’ve always had a passion for creativity, organization, and working with others. But as someone that always likes to have a perfect plan, putting all of my eggs into the event planning basket was scary. What if I didn’t like it? It was also scary since I like change, adventure, challenge, and creativity. What if it was the same thing over and over again? These were thoughts that stuck in the back of my head as I sat in the classroom. Then my 12-week summer program with CCE began.

There are so many things you cannot learn in the classroom. I learned that on my first day with CCE. Actually, I learned that within the first ten minutes of my first day. I learned that every single day in the event planning industry is different. Every client has a different dream for their event in mind. Our job is to make that dream a reality. There is not one path, one color, one menu, one venue, one floral arrangement, one timeline that will make that dream come true. This is where the creativity, adventure, change, and challenge I crave comes in. I’ve witnessed (and gratefully helped) the CCE ladies think outside of the box. They have turned a typical Saturday into a couple’s most cherished day of their lives. They have turned a color scheme into a family reunion that brought a family closer together than ever. CCE taught me that success in this industry actually depends on NOT doing the same thing over and over again.

CCE has also shown me that working with others is not only a requirement of the industry, but that it is a privilege. Their clients are repeat customers. They are recommended by vendors throughout the industry. CCE makes the planning process enjoyable for everyone involved. This success stems from the unique and individualized relationships they have built with clients and vendors. This is the most valuable thing that I have ever learned about event planning. Lucky for me, they have given me countless opportunities to create my own relationships that I will cherish forever.

Most importantly, Christina Currie Events has taught me that I do not like the event planning industry- I love it! The feeling you get when a bride walks down the aisle or when someone blows out their birthday candles or when a guest tells you they are having an amazing time cannot be beat. It cannot be emulated in another industry. Event planning creates memories that will last a client’s lifetime. Thankfully, they will last mine as well.



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