When you look back at photos from Thanksgiving gatherings of the past through the lens of 2020, things that might have seemed charming suddenly appear horrifying. Such as:

  • Everyone is sitting so close together! 
  • Grandma and Grandpa are kissing everyone!
  • Aunt Lorraine is drinking from everyone’s wine glass!
  • And, why is the turkey so huge? 


Whatever your version of a “traditional” holiday is, it might not be happening this year. Thanksgiving-ish might start new traditions.

The pandemic is keeping apart many families and friends who would typically gather together. That might be painful, but there’s a good reason for it. Public health experts are warning that indoor get-togethers, particularly for the holidays, will be major drivers of a deadly spike in cases this fall and winter. 

At CCE, we are taking a different approach. We’re slating, “We’ll miss our family and friends, but maybe this is going to allow us to create some new traditions.” 

Let’s get creative! You can still get festive with Thanksgiving Day. Even if it’s just your immediate family (or your extended “Covid bubble.) Spend a little extra time decorating your house and add a few extra special touches to your table setting. Whether your decor is simple or elaborate, your everyone will definitely notice the extra mile you took.

Here are few ideas to try:

  • Add a fall wreath to your doors inside your home. This way you’re able to enjoy them all throughout the day!
  • Add extra candles to the home that give off a cinnamon scent
  • Tablescapes can be budget friendly
    •  Start with a clean foundation by adding a table runner such as burlap or a simple white cloth
    • Add assorted mini pumpkins and votives throughout the center of the table
    • Add embellishments of sage and rosemary sprigs
  • Stationery
    • Have your local stationery store or calligrapher create place cards and menus
  • Napkins
    • Tie your napkins with ribbon or twine and insert a rosemary sprig to give it that extra little touch
  • Flowers always make a table beautiful.  Your local florist will have a huge range of flowers for Thanksgiving. 


To kick off your Thanksgiving Day celebration try to involve everyone in the household. Assign fun tasks such as making festive beverages and desserts.

  • Desserts are a great way to involve even the novice. It can be as simple as semi-homemade treats. 
      • Purchase a cheesecake and add crushed Twix Bars to top it off
      • Make box pumpkin cupcakes and top off with cool whip cream
      • Purchase an apple pie and drizzle caramel over the top before adding the vanilla ice cream
    • Whether it’s cocktails or mocktails create something different and festive. Check out the following links for ideas:


If you’re not much of “chef” or feel overwhelmed this year, consider hiring a local restaurant or caterer to provide your meal. It’s also nice to get all the side dishes from a local restaurant/caterer. This way, if you don’t want to be in the kitchen all day you’ll have more time to relax, play games or take all the Zoom calls. (There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write, Zoom calls??)

Thanksgiving Day should be focused on the things you can do. Ask yourself which elements of Thanksgiving are the most important to you and your family/friends. This could mean just making one recipe or skipping the china to have less clean up. Or, maybe this is the year you skip turkey and go for the ham or crab legs! Serve something your household loves instead! It does not matter what you eat on Thanksgiving. If there was ever a year to break the rules, this one is it! At the end of the day, Thanksgiving celebrations are about being grateful for everyone in your life. 

In closing, the CCE Ladies would like to wish you a happy, safe and fun Thanksgiving!

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